Working out the ‘new’ work.

I have been taught by teachers in classrooms where sometimes fans do not work all days, many benches and desks are rickety or broken, and often a piece of blackboard was missing. I had such curly hair during my school days, which served the back-benchers to counter their boredom, by carefully tucking in pieces of papers and broken chalks. This was something which I never knew or noticed until one of my teachers or my classmates commented on the “nesty”status of my hair during the lunch break. Though initially I was annoyed by this, I grew fond of my nick name over time. (Sorry, I don’t intend to reveal the name anyway šŸ˜‰ ) I grew up loved by classroom space(s), and falling in love with the same. This was the real reason why I turned into teaching later. Lockdown opened to me a world beyond this physical reality of colleges and schools. It was a world where students where just profile pictures and a series of videos and microphones. It was also a world where I didn’t know if there was only a photo, or also a heart and a soul at the other end of the line, all caught together in a net. It offered new possibilities of sharing ideas, conducting test papers, giving assignments and hosting webinars. At the same time, it also has opened a tiny flower of nostalgia in me. Post Covid, will we be really done with the geographical space called ‘classroom’? Will I be the same teacher as I used to be? What about my students- will they have the light in their eyes which shone brightly pre-Covid?

Yes, I know that I have to move on. Technology has advanced, and I am alsotrying to grab all e- teaching resources available. We have enough and more online teaching gadgets which can make our classes effective, active and interesting. And I am trying hard to work out the new spaces of my home to suit the demands of e-teaching. Still, at the end of the day , I do feel that I miss my students and those noisy classrooms.


Poetry: Perspectives

Hi. I have uploaded three videos on poetry in the Literary Ventures and Theoretical Perspectives page . Hope you’ll watch. Thank you.

An Introduction to Poetry

Hi. ‘Poetry understands you’, says Dan Chelotti. Hope you will enjoy the three videos on introducing poetic thoughts in Literary Ventures page in Mizhi. Thank you.


One of those memories I carry from my childhood days is that of looking forward to the weekend outings with my family. When I say ‘outing’ please don’t imagine it to be a short trip or a long tour. šŸ¤“ We would be spending time visiting relations and family friends. I could sit through allContinue reading “Soupy”


I was brought up by a strict father who worked as an engineer and then later as the Manager of a factory from where he retired two years before. He used to drive miles in his car to and fro workplace, and also got engaged in other religious and social activities after work. In myContinue reading “Metamorphosis”

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