Literary Ventures and Theoretical Voices

Ruminations & Reflections : a Pinch of Poetry& Perspectives was one of the resilient ways in which I edged my way in 2020. Here is the link: 🙂

A review of MASALA LAB ! 🙂

This is a short review on one of the chapters from Together by Vivek H Murthy. He talks about loneliness as a global illness and offers solutions in the book.

Rutger Bregman. Humankind.

The video is a presentation on reading. Hope you enjoy!

The following three videos are on Imtiaz Dharker’s “At the Lahore Kharhai“. This is a brief analysis from an exam point of view. Please share if you find these useful. Thanks!😊

video 1
video two
video three

The four videos analyse the essay on Practical Criticism by Neil McCaw whose expertise include Cultural Studies, Comparative Literature and Textual Criticism. The PPT presentations try to critically summarize his argument. This essay is also part of the prescribed syllabus for Vth semester UG students in Literature under Mahatma Gandhi University, and the videos have been done from an exam point of view. Thanks.

video one
video two
video 3
video 4

A brief introduction to Metaphysical Poetry and John Donne’s ‘The Canonization’

video 1
video two
video 3
video 4

Her Literature: Very brief videos on Elaine Showalter’s “The Female Tradition”.

video two 😊
video 3
video 4
video 5

Wings of Poesy: Perspectives on Poetry

This is a very brief video on Emily Dickinson. Do post your comments and suggestions. Thanks 😊

The following three videos dwell upon the world of poems where imaginations takes flights to worlds beyond and within. I have mentioned the art installations in Kochi Biennale and briefly touched upon poets like Akhmatova, Szymborska, Brodsky and Liu Xiabo to note how poets are never really “exiled”. True poetry never dies, and in the digital era, it is not simple a verbal pleasure, but offers visual treats too. – Nithya

Video One: Perspectives on Poetry # akhmatova # szymborska # brodsky

Why do Poets Write?
Video Three: Digital Poetry- Examples
Lorca’s ‘New Heart’

Searching for her Rooms: A Very Brief Introduction to Feminism(s).

Video One: Truth and Nangeli

Video Two. : Feminist Positions


Video 4: Waves of Feminism

Feminisms Video 5: bell hooks

Vaidehiyude Cherukathakal

2. Bleats and Roars : An Anthology of Poems

3. A translation of Unni R’s short story Sahayathra, in essence capturing the spirit of the times.

4. Protests of a New Kind: An Analysis of #me and Breastfeeding Campaigning in Kerala

5. Outside the image and likeness: A Feminist Reading of the Book of Revelation

6. A poem in Indian Ruminations

7. A poem in Cerebration

8. Poem in “our poetry archive”

9. Bible and Literature › p…PDF
pursuits – Mercy College Palakkad

10. Poems in samyukthapoetry

11. On “The Passion of Mary” › products › 3…PDF
Web results
The Passion of Mary – Literary Herald

12. Poems in Subalternspeak › products › 3…PDF Web results The Passion of Mary – Literary Herald

13. Letter to The Hindu

5 thoughts on “Literary Ventures and Theoretical Voices

  1. The video lectures are very informative and precise dt it helps the learners to understand the topics easily. Great effort dear… Hopefully waiting for more sessions.


  2. Beautiful and informative Presentations. It’s very simple and easy to understand. Looking forward for more video lectures from our dear Nithya miss.


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