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If you ask me what I like the most about myself, I would say I like my name. I am Nithya. In Malayalam my name means ‘eternal’. That doesn’t mean that I own a perfect title or I’m eternal in all that I think and do. I am an erroneous being who is eternally trying to be atleast an inch better, when someone who is sensible catches my ears and holler into my brain about how much stubborn I am in not learning enough from my mistakes. Anyway, there’s one thing I have always been passionate about. I am forever in love with books. I like reading and scribbling. And along with a humble profession called teaching, I carry with me words-inside and outside. This space will thus include scribblings, observations, comments and perspectives about what I like to read and think.

When I was small, my mother told me those three words which I haven’t forgotten. I had broken a vase while playing. She said, “It is okay”. One day my teacher told me, “You can if you try”. When I turned 25,my father told me, “You are responsible for your life”. My best friend once told me, ‘Nithya, you are wrong’. My world is peopled with words. This is my attempt to live, breathe, love and re-learn life. Hope you will journey with me.

Skydiving in Faith

Mathews George


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